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for the Affluent International Shopper

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According to the “DZT –Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus” (the German Governmental  Agency for Tourism,) Munich is the number one city for the target group "Affluent International Shopper". The DZT-study finds that Munich regularly hosts the most financially well off international visitors and that Arab and Russian shoppers spend more money in Munich on their purchases than in any other city in Germany. Exclusivity and good quality are more important to this target group than the price tag.
Munich and Beyond affords you access to this exclusive market who receive the magazine in English, Arabic and Russian when they arrive at their hotels and are able to study it in the calm and quiet of their hotel rooms where they make their purchasing decisions. This has the effect of practically fetching your customers directly from their 4- and 5 star hotels to your business address.
Apart from the exclusive print edition of 20,000 annually, distributed in 4- and 5-star hotels and Munich’s most exclusive boutiques, “Munich & Beyond” is also an online publication - see www.munich-and-beyond.com. Our online publication is directly linked from Munich’s official website www.muenchen.de.
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